Recovery Ridge

Recovery Ridge, LLC Recovery Sober Living is an initiative of owner, Elmo Greer Jr., Devin and Tammy Whitehead helping others recover from alcohol and drug addiction has become our passion.  Our sober living residences provide a safe, affordable and structured environment.  By providing 12 Step structure and boundaries, individuals find the support necessary to avoid relapse during the early stages of recovery—when they are most vulnerable.


Our mission is to help individuals who enter our facilities broken, alone and empty begin to put their lives back together through supportive services. We strive for clients to leave our facilities better, stronger and sober giving them tools to thrive in a sober environment. 


Our vision is to help individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We strive to help each individual get their lives back by treating them with integrity and respect. We hope to create a culture of empowerment that will allow each client to be integrated back into society.  We strive to create a safe and healthy home like environment that facilitate active recovery skills while teaching them a sense of belonging to their communities. Our recovery home will serve in their communities in a family like atmosphere practicing good neighbor etiquette. 


We believe that connecting people to a spiritual experience through the 12 Steps and that linking people to a fellowship and their community is the best path towards sustained sobriety.

We believe that through our clientele and sober living home model, we offer the greatest opportunity for a person to get their life back.

We believe we are not alone and cannot do this on our own.  Therefore, we rely on volunteers from the community to deliver the steps, mentor our Clients and create a long-term connection with fellowship.